Let’s Get Social – From Personal to Professional

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Incoming moan alert!

Those of us that “fanny around” on Facebook for a living could feel frustration – not everyone appreciates the strategy behind social media marketing.

From establishing tone and extending reach to creating content and building communities; there’s skill, reactivity and experimentation involved – not to mention some long-term grafting!

But, how can marketers expect others value the power of electronic word of mouth if they are using social media as a consumer, not a company, interacting with content with an ‘at home’ mindset?

Well, we can’t… so it’s time to quit the moaning and get to ‘splaining!

Back to basics

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My Beers with Ideas aimed to help my audience of mainly developers and quality assurance (QA) testers understand the polarities between social for personal and professional use. It’s easy to forget that not everyone working in a digital agency has a business understanding of social media.

To begin, I asked the question “Who here is responsible for content?” to a room of no raised hands, which led me to demonstrate that in any role at Orange Bus – we are all responsible for content and that every moment could be an opportunity.


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Using Google slides, I covered the role Orange Bus plays out across our social media platforms and shared elements of our social media strategy – highlighting the thinking behind recent activity. By informing my audience and then sharing a quick tips for content creation and support – I wanted to drive home that with their help as Orange Bus social media advocates, we could infinitely extend our social media presence and maximise the content we create.

At the end of the session, I asked my question again. “Who here is responsible for content?” 

To my delight – a room of waving hands, and within a week – an influx of images uploaded to the Orange Bus asset library.  Job’s a gooden, read on for…

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…a final thought

Due to the busy nature of agency life; you can’t predict your BWI audience – it could be a combo of UI designers and scrum masters, or a cross-section of account managers and agile software developers.

On this occasion, I hadn’t accounted for a majority of offsite HMRC developers and QAs. With all UK Government projects, there are many limitations around what you can capture, caption and publicly post – and seeking permissions from client stakeholders is often crucial.

If you’re a marketer with plans to build a proactive social community of employee advocates, it’s your job to make sure your content contributors are aware of any restrictions – especially when client partners are involved. 

While the nature of social media marketing is to be momentary relevant, like any marketing discipline, public promotion includes an element of precaution. By sharing your company’s strategy, you can enable your team to think critically and so maintain the reactiveness and creativity that makes social media marketing effective, while protecting your company’s public profile.  


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Orange Bus Marketing Manager, Charlotte Thornton


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