Judging the App Factor – Friday 22nd April

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A week of voting took place within the Orange Bus offices on the ideas supplied by the students of Newcastle College’s Digital Skills Academy on Friday 


All the entries to consider

The top five entries were narrowed down to:

  1. Where am I Parked (David Jackson) – remembers where you stop in a car park and records location.
  2. The Correct Learner (Jordan Bryson, Matthew Bell, Ryan White) – where you will be able to type in a course you are studying and it will come up with all the modules for that course and the correct resources.
  3. Stick (Connor Hill) – an app to get you out of an awkward situation by playing a pre-recorded phone call at a time of your choosing.
  4. Seriousness App (Zak Blackburn) – shows serious image e.g. orphans, sad old people, politics. (SeriousImage.jpg)
  5. App to connect students and companies offering part-time/temporary work to suit the student lifestyle. (Jack hogarth & Calum Bajwa)

Each entry was discussed amongst the team, with Stick and the Seriousness App quickly becoming front runners for both usefulness and amusement!

Suggestions and potential uses and improvements to both were raised by the team – including scheduling of the Stick App for when you know in advance you need to be “elsewhere” soon.

The Seriousness App had raised questions of when it would actually be useful – however – it was agreed that everyone needs to be serious at some point so having something to help with that has it’s merits!

In fact, amongst the Development Team a call to the Flickr API, and implementation of Google’s Vision API contributed to the production of a fully functioning prototype for Android!


Serious images when smiling, happy images when sad!

And as if this wasn’t enough – the idea of the level of the users “Seriousness” being measured and used to control an app directly quickly spiraled into what has currently been labeled Flappy Copter, Rofl Copter or various other combinations – both apps in action can be seen below:

seriousness  copter


Anyway – back to the task in hand – the final winners who will receive an Orange Bus Hoodie, and be invited into the offices were chosen as follows:

  • Connor HiIl – Stick
  • Zak Blackburn – Seriousness App
  • Jack hogarth & Calum Bajwa – App to connect students and companies

We look forward to seeing you all!

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