Sophie Recommends: Codegirl – Friday 15th April

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We love nothing more than a Netflix and chill (literally!) at the end of a busy week and Codegirl has been on our watch list for a while now.

The US documentary has been making waves worldwide; it follows high school girls across the globe as they strive to improve their communities through technology – incentivised by funding of $10k to develop an app innovation.

The film – created by Lesley Chilcott  – aims to “inspire girls everywhere to pursue a career in programming”, a topical subject matter for Orange Bus considering the current UK efforts to get more girls into digital careers.

Recommended by our own Project Manager Sophie Brydon, Sophie has strong opinions on how we could raise female interest. When asked by North East apprenticeships initiative Creative North, Sophie commented:

“I think we should be getting the females that are in technology more visible in the community – and DEFINITELY in schools. Kids at A-Level/in college need to see women saying ‘yes, this is an opportunity for you.’

We also need to show the other sides of roles in digital that aren’t as obvious. I think people tend to think more along the lines of more women developers, more women designers etc. But what about account managers? Project managers? Digital marketeers? Financial roles?

These are all jobs in tech, but we’re not showing them to anyone right now, male or female, from a young age. I, for one, fell into my job, I never thought I would be doing it, but I know for a fact it’s the right career for me. I feel like there’s 17 year olds that don’t even know these jobs are available, and if they do, they only see the boring side. We need to be looking at the new generation and getting women involved from there :)”

Sophie - Codegirl

Check out Codegirl for yourself on Netflix.

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