Go & Tell! Team OB Events Round-Up – Friday 27 May

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Here’s the thing…we’re all guilty of going to industry events, feeding off ‘thought leaders’ and planning to share all the wise and wonderful things we’ve learnt with anyone who will listen.

Alas, back in the office, priorities come a knockin’ and those ambitions to innovate the world disappear as quick as you can say “Wunderlist”.

But what about the insights? The new nuggets of knowledge that could impact what we do, who we are, and how we operate!

Cue this Friday’s Go and Tell session…

MeasureCamp 2016 

First up, we’ll hear from Holly Allison – our analytics-enthusiast who attended Newcastle’s very first MeasureCamp at Campus North last Saturday (21 May). Holly represented Orange Bus as a sponsor and she’ll be giving us a quick-fire lowdown on the sessions; sharing key-takeouts for Team OB.

Holly Allison, Account Executive
Holly Allison, Account Executive

TechUK Public Sector 2030

Telling all from the TechUK conference (10 May), HQ’s resident hummer Hayley Wright will then reveal the plans behind UK Government’s vision to build a digital infrastructure by 2030 – looking to data-sharing, agile software development and iterative design. Check out relating Insight piece Rebuilding the UK’s Digital Infrastructure for 2030.

Hayley Wright, Account Manager
Hayley Wright, Account Manager

Digital Union Meet-ups

Rounding up the talks, I’ll promote our new position on the Digital Union steering group by recapping cross-company initiatives to re-brand the North East – think more creative hub than boozie clubs; while encouraging Team OB to get more social about the NE’s creative credentials.

Charlotte Thornton, Marketing Manager
Charlotte Thornton, Marketing Manager

Bank Holiday ball games…

Finally, for a bit of bank holiday fun, we’ll be finessing our Agile tennis ball skills with Scrum Master Tam Mageean and Senior PM Sophie Brydon ahead of client workshops next week. 

Findings so far: when practiced with Newcastle’s Digital Skills Academy, the students (av. age 17, technical ability – basic) outperformed a cross-section of Team OB (av. age 30, technical ability – advanced) six-fold in points. Goals!

Stay tuned on Twitter with #beerswithideas

Tam Meagan, Scrum Master
Tam Mageean, Scrum Master, plays the Agile tennis ball game with Proctor and Gamble.



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