Team OB’s Top Vids – Friday 15 July

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The OB cinema opens it’s doors again this Friday – what we watch, Team OB (and you) decide!

This week, it’s a “feet-up, laptops welcome” sort of session. We’ll tune into a viewers choice of videos at Newcastle HQ, with our team in Sheffield, Edinburgh and London watching along with us…


Orange Bus Cinema Room
Orange Bus Cinema Room

What to watch

Team OB have been nominating their go-to blasts of inspiration or new-found discoveries – with videos being technical, unusual, hilarious, life-changing, ecetera, ecetera.

Kick-off suggestions include TED themed action:

Get involved!

Fancy throwing a video into the Team OB watch list? Email with a video link and a reason, and we’ll add it to the pile – circulating our curated list after the session 🙂

Stay tuned on Twitter with #beerswithideas


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