Making sense of a SWEET mess – Friday 2nd September

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“Information architecture is about making sense of complexity”Abby Covert @Abbey_the_IA

In this week’s Beers with Ideas, the UX team will be asking Team OB to help us make sense of a great big sugary mess with a little help from the age-old practice of Information Architecture.

We’ll split into groups and each team will receive a mystery bag of sugary goodness. We want each group to sort and categorise what’s in the bag before showing us what they’ve done and telling us why. Then we’ll EAT ALL THE SWEETS!

If you’d like to learn more about card sorting, why not check out this definitive guide by Donna Spencer. And make sure and follow us on Twitter with #beerswithideas to find out what we get up to.

Visit Abby Covert’s awesome blog Abby the IA

Sweets and buckets
Getting ready for Beers with Ideas
Some of the UX team at OB
Some of the UX team at OB



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